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Send Mass Priority Messages with fan names

· 3 min read

As the next PRO feature, we've added the ability to send bulk messages as Priority, which means they won't appear in the All messages tabs of your users' inboxes, but rather in the Priority tab (as in the screenshot). Moreover, you can add the fan's name to them using our template markers!

What is a Priority message and how does it differ from Mass messages?

When you go to your OF messages and click on (+), you can send messages to a list of people. These messages end up in Unread tab of the user. Creators are constantly sending out these messages. You have to be lucky to be on the top of this list for the fans to see your message. But a Priority message is something that stands out more than a mass message. There is a notification on priority tab and if the fan has message notifications on, they will even get that!

For best results

This feature is meant to be used for a small list of fans. It will take a really long time (possibly hours) if you try to send it to a 2k+ fans! Use the list management feature to create dedicated lists and then send them priority messages to make the most of this feature!

Awesome, how can I send one?

To be able to use this feature, you need to buy BuddyX Pro license.

  • Go to the extension and click on the Send Priority Message shortcut button on the homescreen

  • OR the 3 dots on the right most corner. The first option is messaging. Click on it.

  • Choose Priority Message and then you can then click on "Create Message".

  • It will open a modal where you can:

  1. Write a text
  2. Attach media, paid and unpaid. Please always remember to select which of the media files are paid (as shown in screenshot) and which are free
  3. Select and Exclude Lists
  4. Attach Model Release or Tag a creator
  5. You can even add fans names to the message by inserting one of the options from "Insert Name" dropdown

  • Then just add the list you would like to send the message to and exclude lists, if you wish to!
  • Hit Send Message, confirm the details and we will start sending messages for you!
  • Please remember to select the files you want to send as paid. By default all media attached is free.
  • Please don't close the extension window while message sending is in progress.
  • Read the dialogue box messaging before you start sending the message.
  • In the first version, you can only unsend the last sent message and not all (as in the case of OF's Mass messaging feature). We will soon bring that functionality too!